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Operation instructions of pneumatic tools

1. Gas supply

(1) a clean, dry air supply tool with 90PSI(6.2Bar). Excessive air pressure can quickly reduce tool life.

(2) use the appropriate size components, catheters and hose connection tools as indicated in the tool chart.

(3) if the air pressure regulator is used, the air pressure is set to the output pressure of 0.62MPA.

2, steps,

(1) connect pneumatic tools to air production line.

(2) set the air pressure.

(3) air production line must be equipped with air lubrication device. If the air lubricating device is not qualified or not, the following routine maintenance shall be given to the tool:

A. work continuously 3 to 4 hours later, tool is separated from gas source, from the air inlet into the 7-8 drops high purity light oil (low viscosity), connecting the trachea, open source, the oil into the cylinder. It is recommended that small oiler should be installed in the intake port.

B. The air compressor and oil and water separator should be regularly drained and maintained for 30 to 40 days to ensure clean and dry air.

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