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Pneumatic tool maintenance and maintenance

[safety specification]

(1) before using pneumatic tools, be sure to read this manual. Only after fully understanding the content can you use pneumatic tools in the workplace and strictly implement the content.


Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure (100PSI/7.0BAR/7.0kg/cm2) when using the tool, often making the pneumatic tools work in an environment that exceeds the operating pressure, greatly reducing the service life of the tool itself.

(2) when replacing tools or accessories, remove the pneumatic tools from the air source.

(3) wear protective goggles as far as possible when operating.

(4) do not wear loose clothing in operation. Scarf. Tie or hand trim to avoid the danger of being involved in moving or rotating parts.

(5) when the pneumatic tool is connected with the high-pressure air source, do not trigger the trigger when not in use.

(6) ensure the status of spare parts at any time, and loose spare parts can lead to serious risks.

(7) when replacing worn parts, use special spare parts.

(8) do not use air pressure pipe to damage or impact.

(9) do not point your tools at yourself or others.

(10) before use, check whether the air pressure pipe is weak or damaged. If the above conditions are found, please update immediately to maintain safety.

(11) lock all nuts and screws, and make sure all equipment is in safe condition.

Proper lubrication is the responsibility of the tool user. Compressed air will have moisture condensation, easy to cause rust without proper lubrication will greatly shorten the life of pneumatic tools.

【 note 】

Pneumatic tools should be lubricated before and after use.

Lubrication of air motor parts -.

The air motor needs to be lubricated daily, but not too often.


Please remove the tool from the high pressure zone air source before lubrication.

(1) remove the tool from the high pressure area.

(2) press the trigger and add 3~5c. C. Attach the tool to the high pressure air source and place the cloth or towel on the vent hood. Start the tool, positive, reverse each 20~30 seconds, when the high pressure gas is connected operation, the lubricant will discharge from the rear air hole.

Lubrication (butter) of the impact rack section

The impact rack should be lubricated once a week.

(1) remove the tool from the air line.

(2) remove the screw from the front cover (or release the front cover directly) and clean the remaining butter on the front cover and the impact rack.

(3) apply moderate amount of butter to the impact rack group and then lock the front cover.

(4) connect the pressure tube over the air, gently start the trigger for 20~30 seconds to allow the butter to lubricate the whole impact unit.

Matters needing attention

(1) do not remove any parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

(2) please be careful to avoid damage to tools or parts when disassembling.

(3) no impurities shall enter when disassembling.

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